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7 Jan - Ft Benning

Title - Transition to Teaching Seminar

Location - Ft Benning - 8150 Marne Road, Building 9230, adjacent to the Main Post Commissary and located with the ACAP Center.

Time - 10:00 AM

The seminar begins at 10:00 a.m. and lasts approximately 60-90 minutes; it's free; and reservations are not required. You do not need to notify us in advance that you plan to attend the class, just show up on time and bring something to take notes with.

If you are interested in more information on the program before the seminar, go to or call the SE Region Troops to Teachers office at 404-413-8199.

Note - Veterans that qualify for the Troops to Teachers Program (TTT) may be eligible to receive a stipend of up to $5000 to pay for teacher certification costs and also possibly a bonus of up to $10,000 once they start teaching if they elect to teach in a high needs school. TTT Transition to Teaching Seminars cover the specifics of the Troops to Teachers Program. They also address available options for teacher certification in Georgia such as the Georgia Teacher Alternative Preparation Program (GaTAPP). GaTAPP is a two year program that allows eligible career transitioners to teach and certify at the same time. 

Contact - Bill Kirkland
Work Phone - 404-413-8199
Cell Phone – 404-408-6057
Email -

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Ft Benning
Session Date: 
Wed, 01/07/2015
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10:00 AM